Downtown Chicago Condo Buildings with Great Outdoor Spaces

Downtown Chicago Condo Buildings with Great Outdoor Spaces

For many people the idea of moving to a high-rise in downtown Chicago means a lot of great things: no more cutting grass or shoveling snow, walking to stores and restaurants and much lower utility bills. It can also mean giving up some things like: gardening, privacy and a yard.

You may not be able to have your own private yard but there are many Chicago condo buildings with great outdoor spaces. One of the newest trends in high-rise buildings is upscale and large outdoor spaces. Buildings like 400 E Ohio have transformed their once empty rooftops into relaxing havens with BBQ grills, dining tables, and sofas and lounges for relaxing in the sun. Other buildings like 401 E Ontario have amazing views from their “yards” in the sky. You may not get privacy and grass but you will have spectacular, sweeping views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.

There are even a few buildings with large, private outdoor areas. You may not think downtown condo residences can have considerable outdoor spaces with gardens, lawns, playgrounds, dining areas, and even walking tracks, but a number of these buildings do exist. 5555 N Sheridan, besides being a historic building set on Lake Michigan, has over 2 acres of grounds. A walk around their garden path means a 1/8 of a mile hike! The outdoor space at the Studio Gang Architect designed Aqua Building is immense.  At 82,000 square feet, it is bigger than many city parks. Lake Point Tower, a Chicago icon, has a 2 ½ acre rooftop deck. It feels more like an English garden than a Chicago rooftop.

There are hundreds of condo buildings in Chicago and each one is unique.  Having inside knowledge of many of these buildings is just one of the many reasons it is a good idea to work with a buyers broker who is familiar with the city and its buildings.

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